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27 October 2020

Validity of marine crewmember certificates is prolonged

With respect to restrictive measures applied in different parts of the world  due to the spread of Covid-19, and to ensure the smooth operation of international shipping, the Maritime Administration of the Russian Federation gives further effect to the previous emergency measures in relation to crewmembers’ certificates that have expired or are about to expire on or before Dec 31, 2020. 

If a crewmember, while onboard, is not able to renew his/her certificates in accordance with the established procedure, validity of the above-mentioned certificates shall be prolonged automatically up to Mar 31, 2021 inclusive. The list of such certificates includes: professional licenses issued by the Maritime Administration of the Russian Federation, endorsements to licenses issued by foreign states, certificates of qualification, tanker’s endorsements (including oil / gas / chemical tankers), ship’s cook certificates and other certificates required in accordance with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping 1978, as amended.

No any additional indications of prolongation as well as issuance of new documents are required.

The Maritime Administration of the Russian Federation reserves the right to modify or to cancell above stated measures according to development of the COVID-19 situation.